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Philip Allen

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Are George's records from the 1970s, Obituary and Son of Obituary still available?
A:Not at the moment, but we hope they will be soon. There has been a steady stream of questions about those albums, here at the web site, especially from Great Britain, Europe, and Scandinavia. So, anyway, the short answer is ... we hope to see them both available soon.
Q:Are you planning to sell any of George's albums on this web site.
A:"You took the words right out of my mouth." Yes, we plan to sell as many of George's albums here as possible. In fact, George is expecting us to do that.
Q:George's Album, "The Bright," is it available in Record Stores?
A:No, it's not. Go to a live performance and you can buy it there.
Q:How do we find out when George's albums are on sale on the George Gerdes web site?
A:That's an easy one. You simply subscribe to the newsletter on the home page of this site, and someone will notify you by E-mail.
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