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Film News

Life Imitates Art
A Story of Cinema Verite
This Gerdes Gabber article published on: Tuesday, April 12, 2005

While playing the part of  "Frank Espinoza," a weathered and bedraggled Hispanic homeless man in a new feature film being shot in Los Angeles, the unexpected took its course. George (as Frank) stood outside a grocery/liquor store holding two dogs on leash in one hand and shaking a paper cup containing some coins inside with his other, while chanting "Pero Dinero! Pero Dinero!"  A well-dressed man, wearing a big Pope John Paul button on his chest, approached. He congratulated "Frank" on how noble the compassion and care for animals was. "If only people would be so kind to their fellow human beings as well" pontificated the gentleman while dropping a twenty dollar bill into 'Espinoza's" cup.

 After this transaction, the director yelled "Cut!" He then informed the charitable fellow that, in reality, there was a dramatic film being shot and George was merely portraying the homeless man but added that if he would sign a "release form" it would be possible to include his charitable effort in the movie itself. The inspired religious fellow surpisedly agreed. After signing the release, he then once again approached George, if rather gingerly this time, congratulating him on his totally believeable inhabitation of the character and outstanding performance. He then put icing on the cake by retrieving his twenty bucks.

Incidentally, the motion picture's working title is "TV Virus." It's a first feature for writer/director Aaron Lindenthaler and boasts a stellar cast, including George's own muse, "Igor" the Basset Hound plus Igor's girlfriend, "Peach" the Bearded Collie/ Terrier mix, as the two hungry pooches panhandling with "Frank Espinoza." Stay tuned for further developments.      

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