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New Year is Known
Elvis Would Be 70
This Gerdes Gabber article published on: Friday, January 7, 2005
by THe Double G

The "new" year of 2005 has begun its one & only run. Commonly known as "Naught Five" it is not to be confused with the year of "Ninety Five" when Bill Clinton played sax in the Oval Office behind closed doors whilst the economy rose. Now's about the 21st century entropy syndrome. Empires are battlin' guerilla insurgent terrorists whilst medical insurance rates rise and the rich get richer till the buck stops where? They tumble and fall into realm of the middle class receding into the outskirts of debt. The poor have been gettin' poorer as usual except the exceptional exemptions from the struggle to maintain food, shelter and t.v. while persevering in the maintenance of keeping ignorant of bliss and conservativism in charge of the state of the states of America, individually indivisible from the hole that the sum of its parts is processionally falling into, one by one, red, white, and blue. Incidentally, the white states are now actually red. It's cool to be red now that Krushchev is dead. So, alas, is the magnificent Elvis Aaron Presley, who would've turned 70 years of age on January 8th, 2005. The historic landmark Radio Recorders facility in Hollywood, where Elvis recorded so many wondrous records from '55 to '61 including "Jailhouse Rock," "Playing For Keeps," "One Night," "Teddy Bear," anon and on, celebrates the day by putting a memorial plaque on its edifice. Good to remember that there was a time when it all pretty much made sense, the dynamics of fun were implicitly part of Life.

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