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The Policeman is My Friend

I love you and I love your sister too.
I love your sisterís sister and your sisterís girlfriend too.
Now tell me true, do you think that Iím confused
or just an affectionate fellow?
Doo wah doÖ

I have a boyfriend with whom I go out drinking,
sometimes he calls up at six oíclock in the morning.
He loves this one  but this one lives with that one.
That one wears black and is in mourning.
Doo wah doÖ

What are we to do for him?
He wears black and is in mourning.
Some people say weíve hit the final stage
This generation will see no other
but in the arch of every rainbow sign
we tend to show our truest color.

I have a girlfriend whom I do not do.
She has a boyfriend who does not do that too.
He has a boyfriend who does him and her too
but I canít say who is the sucker.
Doo wah doÖ

How can I relate to you
all that Iíve been thinking?
My whole-wheat toast is getting awfully cold.
The whole west coast is still erupting.
This gravity will surely make us old
as I await further instruction.

But I love you and I love my sister too.
I love my sisterís sister and all four of my nephews.
I have no nieces nor no brothers it is true
But the policeman is my friend.
Doo wah do,
Yes the policeman is my friend.

(George Gerdes / George Gerdes Music / ASCAP)

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