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Foolish Moon on Resurrection Eve
Ridin' Valentino Through Elysian Fields
This Gerdes Gabber article published on: Thursday, March 31, 2005

With the Foolish Moon on the wane, I rode the trail winding around Elysian Fields, East of the Hollywood Hills, South of Eagle Rock, West of Chavez Ravine, North of The Daily Planet. Atop Valentino the Quarterhorse. The full moon's creme de la illumination covered the glowing paths. It rose, more than rosey, Blood Red! Then it turned gold. It hovered up ahead like our destiny aplenty but then zigzagged behind the trees like a trickster and was gone. Whoa! Then the moon reappeared beaming over our shoulder. Valentino the Quarterhorse, who just turned nine last Valentine's Day, shook his mane and snorted a neigh, laughingly, as if to say, "Don't you see it's just Mr. Lunacy? He be where you least expect him. And when you don't, he pops up aplenty. Fillin' your hopeless helplessness full of crazy grace and clear otherworldliness. Now let's go back and sow some oats."  And so it was on the Eve of remembrance of the rock rollin' away to reveal the surprise ending has just begun. Hi Yo Valentino, Away!!!

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