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Marching on In & Of Time
This Gerdes Gabber article published on: Sunday, February 18, 2007

  Marching On With Time

When the spirit moves him, the Double G

rocks on one more time, itself an end

to the means of the words & how they may be

be interpolated by the unprepared and/or uninitiated

as the notes of the strings plucky dove bend

with feeling & bluesified  elation midst the  dissociation

                                                 encountered in this here alleged creation.

Flipping the flapjacks and spooning the beans, ah, the beans,
in the back row, beating on the table with a wooden spoon, while
thinking about who failed to manage Jack Kerouac so prosperity would be his,

and the absence of a bottom out allowing our hero a phoenix like rise from the blotto of bloated misery
and be a real daddy to his deserted daughter Jan, now gone too, all so blue, both deprived of any just dessert

so garnered from the original rolling teletype manuscript of "On The Road" which sold for 2.5 million plates of black beans,
which will go with a lot of bacon to be sure.                    
God Bless Us, Everyone, Jack! 

             Manuscript of
             On The Road
             Sold for 2.5 million at auction 
             Lotta beans. Lotta beans.    

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