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Grungie O'Muck aka Phillip Henry Allen
The Man Behind O'Muck
This Gerdes Gabber article published on: Monday, May 2, 2005

Many Gerdes fans and aficionados are well aware that Grungie O'Muck has served as the Sancho Panza-esque creative cohort in George's quixotic albums "OBITUARY" and "SON OF OBITUARY." O'Muck is author of  "The Lap of Luxury" featured on "Obituary" and duets with the Double G on "Son of Obituary" and "Long Time No See" from what is commonly called the "S.O.B." album.  What none may realize however is that Grungie O'Muck is but a nom de plume for the highly regarded abstract expressionist painter known in the art world as Phillip Henry Allen. Heralded in "Art in America" as both exquisite and innovative, the work of Mr. Allen not only surveys the earthy texture and colors of the outer world but dives into its fermenting innards as well. To have a gander at what we're goose honkin' about go to his website, by simply clicking here.    

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